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LeftoverSwap is no longer maintained, but the code is available under MIT License. The source is available for iOS and Android versions.

How do I use this?

Unsure how to post something or find food? Read this first.
Especially because we have no customer service team.

  1. Guidelines to follow
  2. How to post food
  3. How to find food


The most important takeaway: use common sense.

But beyond that...

  • Don't give away any food that you wouldn't eat yourself.
  • Don't take any food without knowing how old it is and making sure it was kept in proper storage.
  • Be as vigilant as you would on Craigslist; if something seems off, don't do it.
  • Properly prepare any food that you recieve, like heating it to the proper temperature for a sufficient time, washing any produce, or brushing off any dust on cans. Dust just doesn't add anything to flavor.

Posting food

  1. Open up the app.
  2. Tap "Post".
  3. Take a picture of the food.
  4. Review the preview of the picture, and hit the "use" button.
  5. Fill in a title for the food post, like "Pizza".
  6. Fill in a description, like "pepperoni".
  7. Hit "Post", and a red pin will drop on your location showing that the post is now live.
  8. After someone contacts you, and the food is taken, make sure to mark that post as "taken" from either the conversation screen or from your list of posted items in the "Me" tab. This will make sure no one tries to contact you for food that you don't have anymore.
  • First, tap "Post" to take a picture of the food you'd like to share.

  • Next, fill in a title and short description for the food, then hit "Post" in the upper-right corner, and wait for someone to contact you.

  • After chatting and swapping the food, make sure to hit "Mark as taken" so that no one else contacts you for the food.

Finding food

  1. Open up the app.
  2. Tap "Map" and zoom in to your area to find if anyone posted food.
  3. Tap a green pin to view a small preview of the food, and if you're interested, hit the blue arrow on the right.
  4. Take a look at the picture of the food and the description, and if you want to grab the food, hit contact to start a conversation.
  5. Organize a way to meet up to grab the food.
  6. Eat!
  • First, zoom in and tap green pins to find a post you would like. When something interests you, tap the blue arrow on the right of the post preview.

  • Then, if you still want the food after checking out the larger picture and description, hit contact to begin a conversation.

  • After chatting to determine where you can pick it up, go eat!