Best Time to Test Blood Ketones

Ketone Test

It’s important to test if you want to take the guesswork out of maintaining a keto diet. One of the most common questions that people on a keto diet have is whether they are still maintaining ketosis. One possible way to check is to do a blood ketone test but when is the best time to do it?

We don’t think there is a specific time of day when it is best to do a blood ketone test. What is more important is the consistency in which you do the test. You should find a time when you can conduct the blood ketone test at the same time each day. For some, this means mornings might be more appropriate as the time when you return from work might differ per day.

If you plan to do the blood ketone test in the morning then do so while you are fasting. Conduct the test before you eat your breakfast but also after you’ve been awake for a while. This will prevent the test from being skewed by the dawn effect (an early-morning increase in blood sugar levels). According to, the dawn effect can happen eight to ten hours after a person goes to sleep.

If you plan to do the blood ketone test after work then try to do it before you have your dinner. You will get the most insightful reading by doing the test at least two to three hours after you have eaten any food or drink (aside from water).

In some cases, you may want to find out how sensitive your body is to certain types of food. You might, for example, want to increase your carbs intake by a bit and want to see what impact that would have on ketosis. In such cases, the best time to do a blood ketone test is to test once before a meal and do another test 60 minutes after the meal. Advanced users may want to do an additional test 3 hours after the meal.