Will a Single Cheat Day Take You Out of Ketosis?

Keto Cheat Day

Planning for cheat days can be quite daunting for people on a keto diet. It can be so desirable. Imagine all the ice creams, burgers, pizzas, or other guilty pleasures you missed out on while maintaining a keto diet. You’ve made so much sacrifice to get to where you are. What if a single cheat day ruins all that progress and takes you out of ketosis? The short answer to this is that it is possible to have a cheat day but with certain caveats.

If your primary objective of a keto diet is to lose weight then we think it’s perfectly acceptable to have cheat days every now and then. Cheating on your keto diet is not going to destroy the progress you have made with losing weight. Unfortunately, the risk you do need to consider is the fact that it may kick you out of ketosis.

When you take a cheat day, a number of things can happen in your body. First, it’s very likely that your blood sugar levels will spike. The sudden abundance of quick energy will cause your body to change back to glucose as the primary source of fuel. This may result in a temporary stoppage in ketone production.

You may also notice a temporary increase in water weight. This could happen when the sugar you consume replenishes the glycogen levels in the body. There isn’t anything detrimental about this aside from the fact that you may experience an intense sugar crash after a carb-heavy meal. You may also feel some or all of the keto flu symptoms once you resume the keto diet.

In short, taking one cheat day may take you out of ketosis but it won’t affect your long-term plans of losing weight as long as you maintain a good calorie count. People who follow a keto diet for other reasons, however, may want to be more cautious about taking a cheat day.