Is Drinking Crystal Light Safe for a Keto Diet?

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For those who are relatively new to the keto diet, it can be quite difficult to navigate through the restrictions that the diet introduces when it comes to beverage and food consumption. One common question that people on a keto diet have is whether it is safe to consume a drink like Crystal Light.

What is Crystal Light?

Crystal Light is a beverage mix that comes in a variety of flavor including raspberry lemonade, raspberry green tea, and peach iced tea. On the surface, it looks like a drink that’s safe for people on a keto diet. It contains about five calories per serving, no carbs, fat, and protein. This may differ slightly by flavor but the fact that it doesn’t contain any carbs makes it unlikely for this beverage mix to have a major impact on your diet progress.

Keep in mind, however, that Crystal Light does contain other ingredients that may not be good for people on a keto diet. For example, some Crystal Light flavors may include ingredients like maltodextrin, which has a glycemic index between 85 and 105. The beverage mix may also contain aspartame. According to the Healthline, there is a bit of controversy over the effects this artificial sweetener has.

To summarize, you can probably fit in a Crystal Light every now and then unless you are on a super-strict keto diet. You just need to keep in mind that it isn’t the healthiest of beverages. There are healthy alternatives available in similar flavors if you are still wary about drinking Crystal Light.