Why You Feel So Tired on the Keto Diet

Keto Feeling Tired

Maintaining a keto diet is no easy task. In addition to the restrictions of carb-based foods, you will also feel a number of side effects as your body enters ketosis. Here are some reasons why you may feel so tired all the time when you start the keto diet.

Not Eating Enough Fat

Fat has a negative connotation but eating more fat doesn’t mean that you will get more fat. If you want to avoid feeling tired then it’s important that you are eating enough fat as that’s what the body will start to rely on for fuel. This especially applies to people who are in the transition stage. Once you are keto-adapted, you should be able to adjust the fat consumption level so you can better meet specific calorie targets.

Pay Attention to Electrolytes

You can also feel more tired while on the keto diet due to lower sodium intake. Your body will start to lose electrolytes due to the water loss effects from the depletion of glycogen. Electrolyte deficiency could lead to symptoms like fatigue and muscle cramps. You might to monitor your sodium intake levels and make the appropriate adjustments. Some people, for example, like to add salt to their drinking water in order to meet their sodium intake targets.

Tiredness from Stress

Tiredness can also be a result of feeling stressful. Keto diet is no easy task. Your mind and body might be in a state of stress the first couple of weeks as you adjust to the new diet. It’s stressful for your mind because you are starting to miss out a lot of delicious food you previously took for granted. For your body, it can be stressful because of a transition in the type of food it needs to process. The level of stress should gradually drop and you should start to feel much better after a few weeks of being on the keto diet.