Keto Diet – What to Do if You Get Greasy & Oily Facial Skin

Greasy Oily Skin

Are you noticing that your face is becoming a lot more greasy and oily a few weeks into your keto diet? Unfortunately, this is a side effect that some people on a keto diet go through and will either disappear over time or in the worst case scenario may remain as every person’s skin and body reacts differently.

Aside from weight loss, one additional benefit that leads to people doing a keto diet is an improvement to the skin appearance. In theory, a keto diet can improve skin healthy by reducing acne outbreaks. According to a study by Italian researchers, acne breakouts may be reduced due to a lowering in insulin levels and a reduction in skin inflammation. High insulin levels may stimulate the production of skin substances like sebum, which can play a major role in the breakout of acne.

Lowering carb intake, which is a key part of the keto diet, may also reduce the risk of inflammation. Unfortunately, the fact that you are also consuming more fat means those previously-stated benefits might get crossed out and lead to the greasy skin. If you are having a bad acne breakout following a keto diet then we would strongly recommend visiting a dermatologist for a professional opinion. Otherwise, here are some steps you could take to try and prevent greasy and oily facial skin while on a keto diet.

How to Stop Greasy Skin While on a Keto Diet

You may need to experiment with your keto meal plan in order to find the optimal balance that works not just for your weight loss goals but for maintaining your skin health as well. Here are a few suggestions.

Reduce Dairy Consumption

Dairy products may increase the risk of greasy skin. One potential reason for this is due to dairy cows getting treated with artificial hormones. These hormones get passed into the milk and may throw your hormones off balance once you consume the dairy product. This might be tough as dairy products like heavy cream is a good source of fat. However, it might be necessary if you want to stop the greasy skin altogether.

Eat Low-Carb Vegetables

Mix in some leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables into your keto diet. Vegetables like spinach may help promote hormonal regulation and in turn improve skin health. In addition to spinach, you could also consider kale, collard greens, and Swiss chards.

Eat Fatty Fish Regularly

Fish like salmon, mackerel, and anchovies contain long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. According to one study that looked at the effects of fish oil supplementation, there may be evidence that fish oil supplementation is associated with an improvement in acne severity, especially for those affected by moderate and severe acne breakouts. Fishes like salmon in any case are considered to be keto-friendly so be sure to eat them often if you are looking to prevent greasy and oil skin while on a keto diet.