Why You Aren’t Losing Weight on the Keto Diet

Keto Diet Hunger

You read about all the amazing weight loss stories of people on the keto diet. You are now a few weeks into your keto diet but haven’t lost much weight. This kind of situation can be quite demoralizing and is one of the main reasons why people start to give up. Here are some common reasons why you aren’t losing weight and ways to turn it around.

You aren’t at a Calorie Deficit

Even on a keto diet, you could still be consuming more calories than you burn. Weight loss in its simplest form is to be at calorie deficit. You need to review what you have been eating and start making changes so that you are eating less calories than before but still maintaining the level of macros required to hit ketosis.

There are plenty of healthy, low-calorie foods that you can eat while maintaining a keto diet. It may, however, take some experimenting to find the right balance. Here is a good resource for finding zero carb foods and ingredients.

You Need to Up Your Exercise Game

You are either not doing enough exercise or not doing your exercise at a high-enough intensity. Diet alone won’t help you lose weight at a moderate pace. To reach the calorie deficit, you will need to start doing a mix of strength and aerobic exercises. Strength exercises (to build muscle mass) is important because muscle tissues tend to burn calories more efficiently than fat tissues.

You Are Constantly Snacking

Stopping yourself from eating is one of the most difficult challenges of being on the keto diet. A lot of people start to snack throughout the day because they feel constant hunger. You can stop adding those extra calories from snacks by drinking water on a regular basis. You should also make sure that your body is getting its fair share of fiber, which will keep you satisfied.