What Happens if You Don’t Meet Your Macros on a Keto Diet

Counting Macros

One common question that people on a keto diet have is about the effects of not meeting the macros. The typical macro ratio for keto consists of 5% of calories from carbs, 25% of calories from protein, and 70% of calories from fat. In short, you don’t necessarily need to hit your macros perfectly every day.

The hard macro limit you need to pay most attention to is the carb intake. It’s important that you stay under the net carb limit (grams of carb minus grams of fiber) every day. Going above this limit may either prevent you from going into ketosis or have you drop out of it if your body is already in ketosis mode.

Protein is another macronutrient you want to pay close attention to although it won’t be the end of the world if you miss the protein limit once or twice a week. Protein plays an important role in preserving lean body mass so try and be as consistent as possible with your protein intake. It’s the only macro of the three where it’s okay to exceed the limit.

Fat is the macronutrient you have the most flexibility with. Fat is a limit and not a goal. This means it’s fine to cut down on the consumption of fat if you feel the guideline limits are already too much. Some people may start off their keto diet by meeting the fat consumption limit to stay full and satisfied. The amount of fat they consume, however, may decrease over time as they get more comfortable and adjusted to the keto diet.