Why Your Pee Stinks While on the Keto Diet

Keto Pee

As your body enters ketosis, it will also start to experience a number of different side effects as it adjusts to a new way of burning fuel. One common side effect that some people experience is smelly urine. Here are some reasons that may explain this development.

Urine is More Concentrated

Some people suffer the keto flu more heavily than others because they aren’t keeping themselves hydrated. You will start to lose a lot of water in the body when you go into ketosis. This would also explain the reason why you are urinating more frequently. If you see that your urine is heavily concentrated and yellow in color, this could be a sign that you aren’t drinking enough water. When you are on the keto diet, drinking water should almost be like a second job.

High Concentration of Ketones

Urine may also smell as a result of the ketones that get excreted from the body. Some people will say the urine smells like popcorn, while others will mention that it smells like nail polisher. You can test the amount of ketone that get excreted by dipping keto strips into your urine. The higher the concentration of ketone bodies, the more pungent the smell of the urine will be.

Those who have an excessively high amount of ketone may want to confirm as soon as possible that they aren’t affected by ketoacidosis. People with diabetes, for example, are at high risk of suffering from this health condition. This happens when your body can’t produce enough insulin.

Affected by Urinary Infection

The stinky pee smell might not be related to your keto diet at all. It could, for example, be caused by urinary tract infection. If the stinky pee smell doesn’t go away then you may also want to check that you aren’t affected by conditions like urinary tract infection or yeast infection.