What to Order at a Sushi Restaurant While on a Keto Diet

Sushi Restaurant Keto

For people one the keto diet, eating at a sushi restaurant sounds like an impossible task. For starters, most of the sushi platters and rolls are a no-go given the amount of rice used. Fortunately, there should be plenty of other keto-friendly options you could go with. This doesn’t apply to all sushi restaurants but here are some tips on ordering keto-friendly food at the sushi restaurant.

Start with the Sashimi

Many people order at a sushi restaurant because they enjoy seafood. Well, you can still enjoy the same seafood without the rice. Sashimi is totally keto-friendly and a lot of the seafood options will also give you plenty of rich protein. 100 grams of salmon, for example, contain 20 grams of protein so eating this kind of fish is a good way to hit your macros.

One thing to watch out for is the soy sauce that you dip the sashimi in. Most soy sauce products are low in carbs so can be used for people on the keto diet but you may still want to check with the restaurant on what brand they use just in case. Try to use as little soy sauce as possible when eating sashimi.

Filling Your Hunger with Miso Soup

It’s going to be hard to fill your stomach with the sushi rice no longer an option. Fortunately, the miso soup could come to your rescue. It’s not exactly carb-free but miso soup can be enjoyed at the sushi restaurant as long as you pay close attention to your carb intake. This will vary by restaurant but expect the miso soup to contribute about four to six net grams of carbs.

Explore the Non-Sushi Appetizers

There is going to be only so much sashimi you can eat in one serving. Some sushi restaurants will offer a variety of non-sushi appetizers that will meet your keto requirements. One popular dish we recommend is the negimaki. This dish is mostly ordered as an appetizer. It’s thin grilled beef that wraps around vegetables like asparagus.