What to Do if You Have an Upset Stomach on a Keto Diet

Keto Stomach

When you start a keto diet, there are going to be a number of side effects you will experience as your body transitions to a low-carb diet. One of the most common side effects people may experience temporarily is an upset stomach. Here are the reasons why.

This doesn’t just apply to keto diet. It pretty much applies to any other diets that require a significant transition in what you consume. When you make a sudden switch to what you consume, your gastrointestinal tract will become stressed as it needs to also change how it processes the incoming food. Going from a carb-rich diet to a fat-rich diet will cause an upset stomach and this is why most people on a keto diet will experience conditions like diarrhea and constipation.

You are going to have a higher chance of experiencing an upset stomach if you try to make the transition too quickly. There should be no rush when you start a new diet. We suggest you make the dietary changes more gradually. Let the GI tract adjust to processing more fat and less carb. This will reduce the likelihood or at least decrease the duration in which you feel an upset stomach.

Aside from the transition, an upset stomach is also likely due to the amount of fat you will need to consume. Your liver will need to start producing extra bile in order to break down the fat. Bile is a natural laxative so an excessive amount may end up making your bowels move too quicky, which leads to conditions like diarrhea.

To minimize the effects of an upset stomach, we suggest you try to add more fiber to the diet, stay hydrated at all times, add some probiotics to your diet, and to minimize the intake of sugar substitutes.