Low-Carb Chinese Food that’s Keto-Friendly

Keto Diet Chinese Food

If you recently started the keto diet then you will start to notice the many guilty pleasures that you can no longer eat on a regular basis. One of those guilty pleasure foods is Chinese food, especially the takeaways. Here are some tips on picking Chinese food that’s low-carb and keto-friendly.

Check the Restaurant Websites

If it’s Chinese fast food that you are seeking then it may be worthwhile checking the websites of large restaurant chains. These restaurants may list the nutrition breakdown of each dish on their website. This will allow you to research ahead of time and figure out what food or dish combination could be keto-friendly. Panda Express, for example, has a very helpful nutrition and allergen information page. You can see the amount of carbs that each dish contains.

Avoid the Obvious

Unfortunately, the reality of maintaining a keto diet means that you will have to avoid Chinese food that don’t contain the obvious. Say bye bye to the Chinese dishes that are heavy on rice, noodle, fried food, and sauce. You need to pay special attention to the food that use a lot of sauce like sweet and sour chicken. The sauce-based Chinese dishes could be heavy on cornstarch, which contains 91 grams of carbs for every 100 grams.

What on Earth Can I Eat Then?

Based on the above, you would think that there aren’t that many keto-friendly options left. Fortunately, Chinese cuisine is quite diverse so there may be some decent Chinese food options for you to pick from that are keto-friendly. This could, for example, include a dish that contains a combination of steamed vegetables and lean protein. It could also include dishes like lettuce wraps. Egg drop soup may also be an option but you will need to check that it doesn’t contain any cornstarch.

With some research, you should soon be able to settle on a list of keto-friendly Chinese food you can eat at the restaurant. The best option, however, would be to cook the food yourself. You will come across a lot of keto-friendly Chinese food recipes created by people like yourself. People who may have been frustrated by the lack of keto-friendly options available at the restaurant.